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Seniors and high risk seniors services (to assist in aging at home) * health promotion (diabetes education, tobacco prevention, healthy eating, cancer, etc) * domestic violence support and assistance * women’s and men’s group programs * group programs for youth and children * parenting programs * food bank services for abused women * translation services * resource development * diversity training

Sahara Mental Health Program — culturally and linguistically appropriate support to clients 16 year or over dealing with mental illness * short term and long term case management * early psychosis intervention for those aged 14-35 years * supportive counselling to clients and family members * concurrent disorders support group, mobile community support group

Sahara Addiction Program — culturally appropriate service to individuals and family members struggling with substances abuse * case management * addictions day program * groups for men and women, relapse prevention group * coping skills for family * peer support program * Sahara Opioids Addiction Program in collaboration with Central West LHIN — case management and prevention support group

Settlement Services — to help newcomers integrate * referrals * information on training and skills development * orientation sessions, assistance in filling out government forms, Canadian laws and norms, supportive counselling, translation/interpretation services, attestation of documents

Sahara Geriatric Program — for those 55 years or over * Integrated Seniors Team (IST) Program in partnership with Peel Senior Link and Supportive Housing in Peel * support to seniors in the community with case management, referrals, crisis management, caregiver support and counselling * Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) Day Program for caregivers of adults with cognitive impairments such as dementias, education, assessments and capacity development in partnership with other community agencies * Senior Caregivers Support Day Program — groups for women, men, or mixed

Better Families Program — to engage youth 13-24 years and parents to address issues related to healthy interactions between families and communities through support, group programs, mentoring programs, and referrals

Community Development and Social Enterprise — promotes civic engagement and community development in Malton by empowering adult and youth leadership in the South Asian Community

Volunteers and Student Placements — opportunities to participate in helping the South Asian Community

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