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MIAG Centre For Diverse Woman & Families

MIAG Centre For Diverse Woman & Families




MIAG is a non-profit charitable community organization who strives to address community needs and to ensure the active participation of diverse communities including women, men, seniors, children, youth, and families. MIAG has embraced capacity building approaches to enhance community development. It actively integrates creative responses to existing and emerging ethno-cultural communities’ needs by applying effective outreach, leadership training and skills development programs.

Network of multicultural community organizations * identifies gaps in service delivery * ensures the active participation of diverse groups * builds partnerships and enhances inter-agency collaboration and cooperation between mainstream and community-based organizations * develops materials and resource tools to support the inclusion of diverse communities * provides professional development opportunities to stakeholders and community groups * provides education, training and opportunities for community engagement and leadership development.

Contact Information

Email info@miag.ca
Address 3034 Palstan Rd, Ste M3
Mississauga, ON L4Y 2Z6


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