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Learning Disabilities Association of Peel

Learning Disabilities Association of Peel



The Learning Disabilities Association of Peel Region is a non-profit, charitable organizations comprised of groups of parents and professionals brought together by a concern for children and adults with learning disabilities.

LDA assists people with learning disabilities and their families by providing support, guidance and resources information; provides an interactive environment, offering workshops, programs, courses and support groups; provides public awareness of learning disabilities; supports LDAO in pursuing legislative and government initiatives with special education funding and curriculum; supports LDA Ontario in their work with the provincial and local governments to initiate new policies for those with learning disabilities

Children’s Programs¬†include:

Social Skills Program
For children/adolescents (grades 1-8) who have a LD and/or AD(H)D. We promote communication skills, building on their self-esteem, and encourage social skills by using role-modelling, positive feedback and self-awareness activities.

STATA (Stop, Talk, Ask,Team-up and Agree) Program
For children/adolescents (grades 1-8) who have a LD and/or AD(H)D. Through role playing, self-awareness, and self-reflection activities we develop the ability to deal with emotions, conflicts and disagreements.

Academic Support (Tutoring)
For elementary and high school students who require individual assistance with their school work and improve studying skills.

YES (Youth Empowerment Support) Program
For adolescents (14-17 years) who have a LD and/or AD(H)D. This program helps adolescents develop a sense of confidence, commitment and self-esteem. Topics include healthy relationships, understanding your learning style, social media and online safety, coping with peer pressure, goal setting and managing stress.

Summer Support Program
A full day program for individuals between the ages (6-13) designed to incorporate learning and fun. In a summer camp setting at Heart Lake we implement fun activities which promotes socials skills, friendships and emotion regulations.

Mindfulness Program
For children/adolescents who have a LD and/or AD(H)D. We explore mindfulness through breathing, bodywork, guided meditation, and expression.

Reading Rocks Program
A highly successful reading program designed for children and youth with LD who difficulty with reading using phonics, sight words and fluency. Focuses on a sight reading curriculum for children whose strengths are visual memory, visual motor, or kinesthetic.

Contact Information

ADDRESS 5155 Spectrum Way, Unit 26
Mississauga, ON
Canada L4W 5A1


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