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John Howard Society of Peel

John Howard Society of Peel




This agency aims to empower individuals living in Peel and help reduce crime. They provide specific employment programs to anyone over the age of 16. Their services include service planning, job search, job matching, job training, and much more. Volunteers are able to assist in these services.


Bail Verification and Supervision program — alternative to remand in custody for individuals seeking bail release * provides verified information to court about individuals’ suitability for program * provides community supervision, counselling and support to individuals waiting for resolution of court matters * case management support for mentally ill offenders in partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association, Peel

Counselling — individual counselling and crisis support * anger and emotion management groups * addiction counselling * life skills * referrals

Community services — housing assistance * access to computers and internet, printers, fax and phones * needle exchange * Voice Mail Service — persons who qualify receive personal phone number to leave or retrieve messages from any phone

Contact Information

EMAIL mississauga@johnhowardhd.ca
PHONE 905-275-9117
ADDRESS 1090 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, ON L4Y 2B8


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