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Four Corners Health Centre

Four Corners Health Centre




Almost 100 communities across Ontario enjoy the benefits of non-profit, publicly funded Community Health Centres (CHCs). The provincial government has recently expanded the funding and number of CHCs in Ontario because of their proven success improving health and reducing health disparities.

CHCs apply a unique approach. They understand that a number of factors influence health and well-being. Individuals and families work closely with health providers to improve physical, emotional and mental well-being. Community members also participate in initiatives that reduce community wide social and environmental problems in the areas served by the CHC. Some example problems that may be addressed include education, employment, food security, community safety and so on.

Social Worker offers counselling to registered clients, to deal with:
•mental health conditions
•woman abuse
•relationship issues
•problems with substance use

The Community Educator assists clients with community support through information and referrals to deal with:
• financial problems
•inability to acquire adequate food
•need to acquire improved education
•problems with housing
•child custody proceedings
•issues with communities/social service agencies
•problems with child welfare agency
•help filling out forms
•problems acquiring transportation
•employment or unemployment problems
•difficulties with government disability/support benefits
•settlement issues

Registered clients can access individual or group counselling * peer support groups available

Additional Details

To become a client of the Four Corners Health Centre you must 1) live in the area served and 2) be a member of one or more of the following priority populations;
– youth (13 – 25)
– seniors (65+)
– newcomers to Canada (less than 5 years)
– racialized communities
– people facing mental health conditions or substance use issues
– people who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness
– families who are under-resourced

Contact Information

EMAIL mail.fourcorners@wellfort.ca
ADDRESS 7205 Goreway Drive, Suite 224
Mississauga, ON L4T 2T9


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