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Employment services, which encompass everything from A to Z, work in partnership with job seekers and employers to identify needs, develop a specific service plan, and ensure access to the services and information required ( including external services) and provide direct employment services such as job search assistance, job-to-worker matching and work placements, and job retention support. and monitoring. Preparation of job search tools * job search techniques * interview job strategy * exploration, identification and clarification of interests, skills, education and information experience in short and long-term career and employment goals * information sessions * support client with employability needs, for example, housing, transportation, services newcomers * refer clients to various community services and programs, including language training courses * local labor market information * information on apprenticeship programs * posting of jobs on the website or in the bank jobs of the organization.

Additional Details

Self-service information and resources – anyone, including people with jobs, those who are under-employed, people looking for work, students, apprentices, internationally trained individuals, employers

Assisted services (such as supported job search, job matching and placement, job retention services) — people who are unemployed and out of school

Employers can get help in identifying their human resource skill requirements, matching of position/workplace needs to participants’ skills, capabilities, interests and experience, and support for developing on-the-job training plans and monitoring of placements to support success and retention

Summer Jobs Service — students 15 to 30 years planning to return to school in the fall

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Email info@collegeboreal.ca
Address Community Door, Sussex Centre
50 Burnhamthorpe Road W, Suite 300
Mississauga, ON L5B 3C2


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