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Canadian Association of Multicultural People

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Canadian Association of Multicultural People




Canadian Association of Multicultural People (CAMP) is a community based non- profit organization. We serve the community in the areas of health promotion, family enhancement and skill development through community empowerment, advancement of education, volunteer engagement, partnerships, training and advocacy efforts. We have been working since 2007 to create a stronger professional collaborative community network for awareness, educational success & community development with special focus on new immigrants and marginalized families.

Program Objectives

Our focus is to be recognized as an organization providing best possible community empowerment and skill development support to create a healthy and vibrant community. A community which takes pride in adopting holistic approach to consider family as a root, respecting elders and women, cherishing our youth, respect for cultural heritage and cultural diversity being inclusive for all.

Canadian Association of Multicultural People (CAMP) works as a leader in empowering lives, creating opportunities and strengthening the bonds of humanity. Since our inception in 2017, we are highly committed to serve our community by integrating resources for people in need. Our special population focus is on immigrant and vulnerable population. As a community service organization serving the grassroots, our track record is built on delivery. We have managed and served through seniors and youth programs in the past and are constantly trying to extend our impact from knowledge to action.

The integrated and cohesive holistic model is defined by the agency as “a model which wraps the individuals and and their families in a variety of programs offered by CAMP

Contact Information

EMAIL camptoempower@gmail.com
PHONE 289-633-3949
ADDRESS Unit 4, 5805 Whittle Road, Mississauga, ON L4Z 2J1


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